With motor-pumps we have been producing and other services rendered additionally, we aim at achieving national and international quality standards.

It is a local product and patented.

Technical staff of our company has designed new tailormade products, developed pdoructs and applied modernization in our manufacturing shop with equipment pool.

In the pump manufacturing, we have no difficulty to supply spare parts in case of any failure. Moto-pump is featured with a function to extract any objects that can pass through the strainer available in the end of suction hose without need to any further action such as airing during operation, thus it is capabe to drain water in all cases of flooding. Due to being that with the pump a high-pressure water can be provided, it is also used in the suitable environments and where fire brigade truck is not available or to response to fires by assisting fire brigade trucks.

Suction of distance is more in compare to the other equipment due to pump operation principle (10 meters). Further, it does not lead to air accumulation inside. It is one of the distinguished features that there is no flowrate and pressure loss as it is going deeper. It ıs a highly advantagous system seperated from the other motor-pumps because it is not operated with a system such as inner pump water fillin, check value, flap or vacuum.

Technical Specifications
  • It can suck vertically from a distance of 10 meters.
  • No flowrate and pressure loss occurs as it is going deeper.
  • It can be operated with diesel fuelled motor.
  • It produces hıgher pressure and flowrate at low rotatıon speed.
  • It is much lighter even it is a diesel motor.
  • It does not need any extra system to operate (i.e inner hose water filling, flap air bleeding).
  • It does not contain any system such as flap, check valve and trichomat.
  • Soon after starting, it is activated in 5 to 7 seconds.