About Kube Pump

R.I.P. Mr. Osman KÜÇÜK (1948 – 2019)

Our portable fire pumps, which we have been producing, have emerged with the design of a knowledge that has been coming for years, upon a request.

In 2009, our Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Osman Küçük, whose patent currently belongs to him, was working on ship propellers. During this process, he was at the Gölcük Naval Command for many trials, where he tested the propellers, he had produced with his own hands. In the meantime, the navy personnel were impressed by his inventor skills, explained the problems they had with portable fire pumps and asked him to invent a domestic and national motopump. Mr. Osman Küçük, who saw this request as a duty, produced a unique motopump in a short time like 6 months and made presentations in the navy with this prototype product. Although the product was liked by the personnel but bureaucratic ways could not be overcome and the purchasing process could not be started.

After this, it was realized that the product is not only a product that should be in the inventory of the navy, but also a product used and needed by many institutions such as firefighters, water sewerage enterprises, municipalities, marinas. The production of the first-generation pump design under the name ESC POMPA was started and these pumps were donated to some institutions for their trial. Subsequently, there were orders from some of the relevant institutions who liked the products. Thus, the unique, domestic and national first products we have produced under the name of ESC POMPA have met with customers.

Our company, which entered a new restructuring in 2013, was officially established in January 2013 under the name of Kube Pompa Teknolojileri Sanayi Ticaret Anonim Şirketi. Our company, headquartered in Dudullu İMES Organized Industrial Zone, continued its production in an area of 500 square meters during this period. Again, with the TÜBİTAK project, which it started in 2013, it started the R&D of second-generation design products. With the successful completion of this R&D project, the design of second-generation products was completed in 2015 and these products were brought to market.

Our company, which went to grow and become professional in 2017, moved to a professional production facility of 2000 square meters located in Kocaeli Kartepe, where it still carries out its commercial life. As a result of the new R&D and KOSGEB projects carried out with the transition to this facility, it has successfully completed the third-generation designs, which it is currently actively selling and producing. Our company made the first export in 2019 with the professionalism, design advantages and performance increase it received from third generation products.

When we come to 2021, our company, which exports to 16 different countries of the world and is the supplier of many public institutions and organizations in the country, has increased its brand and product awareness to a great extent and successfully represents our country abroad through dealers and distributors in many countries.

  1. 2009
    The R&D of the first prototype products was started.
  2. 2010
    The first Prototype products were successfully tested. Production of 1st generation pumps started.
  3. 2013
  4. 2013
    The first TÜBİTAK R&D project was started.
  5. 2015
    TÜBİTAK R&D project was successfully completed. 2nd generation products appeared.
  6. 2017
    We moved to our factory in Kocaeli Kartepe, where we are currently operating in a closed area of 2000 square meters.
  7. 2018
    With the KOSGEB Kobigel project, the R&D process of the 3rd generation products started.
  8. 2019
    The R&D process of the 3rd generation products has been successfully completed. Production started.
  9. 2019
    The first export was made with 3rd generation products.
  10. 2019
    A new R&D project was started at KOSGEB.
  11. 2020
    KOSGEB R&D project was successfully completed.
  12. 2020
    Exported to the 15th different country.
  13. 2021
    The R&D project of the 4th generation products was started with our company’s own resources.