Because, positive displacement pumps  more loud and knocking. This cause an extra vibration during pump operation. In addition, positive displacement pumps reach to maximum capacity of 1000 m3/hour, while this value increases to 27000 m3/hour with centrifugal pumps.
Due to the principle of energy conservation in fluid systems, the
pressure decrease while the flow increases.
Diesel engines are generally heavier, gasoline engines are lighter. In
addition, diesel engines have higher compression ratios, so diesel engines consume
less fuel. Diesel engines produce more power (torque).
As a result of the calculations made for the passage of a sufficient
amount of fluid, the dimensions we have used as the most ideal hole size have been
selected and it has been tested that the particles which can pass through these holes
are almost impossible to damage the pump.
The propeller has two major advantages. First, it increases the suction
height of the pump by 2-3 meters compared to other pumps. While similar
motopumps can perform vertical suction from maximum 6-7 meters, our propeller
reinforced product can suction from 10 meters. Another great advantage is that it
delivers water to the pump mouth in 5 seconds.

The pump curve is a curve that shows the specific characteristics of each

pump. As a result of the tests performed before and after the design, with the pump

curve drawn, the user can learn the maximum and minimum value ranges where

the pump can be used most efficiently. In short, the pump curve is the signature of

a pump.

They can be used in corrosive environments and at different

temperature-pressure values. They also last longer. Ball valves are most

advantageous to be used in areas that are opened and closed very much and where

they are required to be opened and closed quickly. The sealing performance are

very high.

Engine oil can be selected depending on many different factors.
Depending on whether the engine is petrol or diesel, according to the season,
working environment temperature, fuel consumption according to the desired
viscosity range is made.

Dry operation of the pump means that there is no water in it and it only
works with air. Technically, no other motor pump is available today. The main
advantage of dry operation of the pump is that you do not need to flood the pump
suction port during operation, and in the event of a blockage of a strainer, it can be
intervened without interrupting pump operation and resuming the suction.

Due to atmospheric pressure and gravity, a pump can theoretically suck
water from a maximum depth of 10 meters. When pipe losses in the suction line are
added to the calculations, this value is practically 7-8 meters for other pumps.

If the pump is used in a dirty area, it must be cleaned. Otherwise,
contaminants that may remain in it may accumulate over time and cause sediment
formation. This may damage the pump and other components. Otherwise, it may
cause possible congestion problems. For this reason, clean water must be pumped
into the pump after every use in a dirty environment and all pump elements should
be cleaned.

The recommended battery for the product is 12 V 42Ah.

After the production process, before the last mounting, our aluminum
parts are painted with electrostatic oven paint and protected against corrosion.

One of the biggest features of our product is that it is portable. In order
to reach the safe transportation conditions, our motor pump must be light
manufactured. Therefore, aluminum, one of the lightest materials, was chosen.

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